Hi there,

I am Bryan

My name is Bryan Yip. An Interaction and graphic designer based in the Hague. I recently received my BSc. In Industrial design from the university of technology in Eindhoven. During my studies I have been focusing on designing interactions and experiences of both tangible and digital products.

I have worked as a graphic designer and user experience designer at small agencies. Alongside my studies I have also been doing freelance work as a visual designer. I have worked on multiple branding, graphic design as well as web design projects.

User research and aesthetics play an important role in my design process. Design is about encouraging innovation and helping humanity to move forward, by providing solutions that truly work. In order to do so, I believe that we need a thorough understanding of our users, their context and their culture. A big part of providing solutions that work, is also to provide solutions that people love to use and will therefore keep using. The design, therefore should also connect to the user on an emotional level, which is achieved by aesthetics.

When I am not designing I am probably doodling in my sketchbook or outside cycling, taking photo’s of random stuff.

E: k.c.yip@outlook.com

T: 062 390 24 40